Adventures and Flowers

Feb 8

Oregon adventures in the rain
Justin and I in Oregon

Flowers are living things. Once cut, they can only last without their life source, roots in the soil, for so long. Biologically it makes sense. But figuratively, perhaps it is because their radiant beauty can only be sustained a short time. Even with the changing of the seasons, a grounded flower’s life ends. But does that mean we shouldn’t enjoy all that they have to share while they are in their full beauty? No way!

One of my favorite ways to enjoy flowers is on adventures! Being able to see them in their natural habitat, shining for all to see is amazing. And once they have withered with the season, I still have their memory, and iPhone image to cherish. I also have the memory of the adventure I experienced them on tucked in my heart.

Adventuring with my man is the best. Exploring new places together is refreshing and always a bonding experience. In the chaos of normal life, transporting ourselves outside of our normal gives us a chance to connect we probably would have let pass back home. To make it a priority, instead of gifts for one another, we often celebrate by traveling. It makes the celebration more memorable too. Sometimes though, the occasion is only to answer the call of adventure!

In honor of Valentine’s Day this year, I am taking a look back on some past adventures with my main man Justin, where traveling with him and flower watching joyously intersected.

Our Engagement

In New York City, Justin bought me sunflowers from a street vendor on his way to propose. When he handed me the flowers it was a sweet touch. Of course, the amazing ring stole the show at the time! While I didn’t experience these flowers growing in their habitat, I will cherish their memory. I always smile at sunflowers now because they remind me of that day, the uncontrollable giggles I had, and just the best surprise from my best friend!

New York engagement, with sunflowers.


In Rome is where I got lost in amazement for the first time in a rose garden. I was so impressed by all the diversity and variations. It was right after our wedding, on our international honeymoon, and I had just started to be curious about flowers. It was Justin’s first glimpse into my budding interest! Picking our favorites was a blast, and we literally stopped to smell ALL the roses. I unfortunately lack photos of this adventure because I didn’t realize I loved flowers quite so much yet!

Interlaken wildflowers
Switzerland’s Interlaken hike treasures
Zurich Poppy
poppies in Zurich

Switzerland and France

To celebrate Justin’s birthday one year, we headed to Switzerland and France. Pretty awesome birthday if you ask me! The most memorable part for Justin was probably getting a Vespa to ride from our Airbnb in Switzerland to the other side of Lake Geneva, which is France. I encountered some fun thistles, one of my non-flowers! Zurich’s highlight for me were the tiny bright red poppy flowers I spotted throughout our trip.

Oregon International Rose Garden

On a trip to Portland celebrating Justin passing his Certified Financial Planner test, we camped on the beach and drank the best coffee. Our flower stop was in the International Rose Garden. I couldn’t believe the beauty in each bloom and how they bloomed so freely. They smelled AMAZING.

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nature-made arch
Oregon rose garden
Oregon rose
Oregon rose garden
rose of Oregon
Oregon rose garden
you guessed it, a rose in Oregon


This adventure was not occasion driven, but an excuse to meet up with good friends. As we trekked over hills and the streets of Oslo, we encountered some amazing international flowers. The snow berry was stunning in their natural habitat.

We wandered through a garden and I saw a scabiosa flower patch and their little scabiosa pods accompanying them. They were floating in the open as they grew. That is how I had imagined them, but they were just so dainty and lovely in their little plot of land.

snow berry
snow berry
Thistle Oslo
thistle in Oslo
Dahlia Oslo
dahlia in Oslo
Norway Scabiosa
Norway scabiosa
Spirea on Nebraska sidewalk
Nebraska peonies


This is an exception to the list because Justin wasn’t there. People I loved were there though, so it can count! Endless spirea bushes huddled next to sidewalks in full bloom in Nebraska. Just clouds and clouds of white tiny flowers on overgrown bushes throughout the whole neighborhood. They were magnificent! There were also allium seeming to grow wild, but tall and strong as ever. Plus driveways lined in peonies, PEONIES people. They were gorgeous.

Have you had a great adventure that you encountered some memorable blooms on? I would love to hear about it! Who knows, maybe our next adventure could even be there!



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