Getting Crafty at Sunshine Craft Co

Mar 29

Sunshine Craft Co in Phoenix, Arizona.
Photo By: Jill McNamara

One of my favorite things about living in Phoenix is finding new places to check out. With an ever changing city full of creative people, the possibilities seem endless! One gem in the heart of the valley you might not have heard of yet, but are sure to love, is Sunshine Craft Co. Located in the Melrose district, Sunshine Craft Co is a hub for all things crafty! With projects you can drop-in to make, workshops to learn new skills, and a shop area full of kits and materials, it is such a fun and versatile space offering so many creative opportunities.

Amy Guerroro, founder of Sunshine Craft Co in Phoenix, Ariziona
Photo By: Jill McNamara


The brains behind Sunshine Craft Co is Amy Guerrero, a macrame master who loves to help others explore their creativity. At the start, Amy was looking for a space to teach her macrame classes. She thought that the Phoenix community could benefit from a studio space to visit and let their creativity flow. It is so exciting what Sunshine Craft Co has bloomed into. It has become a notable spot for creatives to teach their passion to others, and for crafters new and seasoned to have a spot to express some creativity. Amy sees Sunshine Craft Co as a “community hub for creativity”, where people can gather to have fun and make something lovely while they are at it!

Himmeli Geode drop-in craft at Sunshine Craft Co in Phoenix, Arizona.

Himmeli Geode

Yarn wall hanging drop-in craft from Sunshine Craft Co in Phoenix, Arizona.

Yarn Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hanging piece from workshop at Sunshine Craft Co in Phoenix, Arizona.

Macrame Workshop: Large Wall Hanging


Sunshine Craft Co’s private events can include a workshop or not. Throwing a baby or bridal shower and want to add some creativity to it? Hold it at the studio with a workshop, with sweets and drinks there too! Guests can walk away with not only fond memories, but a little creative momento to remember the day by also. Hesitant to incorporate creativity into a celebration because of a prior Pinterest DIY fail? Amy’s advice,“creativity is about an experience not an aesthetic, and we walk you through every step so you’ll have a great project to take home”. If you are looking for a space for an event better suited without the DIY piece, Sunshine Craft Co also has a great space for a party or event that is centrally located.

Just a start to the possibilities for the space:

  • Bachelorette party – macrame workshop or a bouquet class (just to start your list of endless possibilities)
  • Bridal party gifts
  • Pick up bridal party gift kits
  • Birthday party
  • Paint and pour bridal party mingle (co-ed or not)
  • Recommendations for out of town guests or an activity kit for pick up
  • Some bonding time with you and mom…
Sunshine Craft Co in Phoenix, Arizona.

Time for Some Creativity!

Is your interest peaked? Do you want an excuse to check out Sunshine Craft Co for yourself? I can help you do just the thing! I will be teaching a floral arrangement class the morning of Saturday, May 11th of Mother’s Day weekend. This will be a fun workshop to spend some time with mom, another fellow creative, or maybe for some me time, assembling your own floral centerpiece to take home. You can gift the class, or split the cost. The possibilities are endless!

The Details:

May 11th 10 to Noon

1 ticket for $60 or 2 tickets for $95

Click HERE to sign up!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Purple and pink garden style floral arrangement by Array Design, Phoenix, Arizona.

Photographer: Delight in the Desert



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