What to Ask Your Florist Before You Hire Them

Jan 4

Classy soft palette desert wedding at Blackstone Country Club. Floral by Array Design, Phoenix, Arizona.

Amid the fun of talking design, don’t forget to ask the important questions of your florist. The answers will not only help you plan, but help you decide if the relationship is a good fit for you. I have included some summed up responses of my own to them, so you can get to know how I work a little better. This list is just a start. Ask the questions of your florist that are important to you!

Q: What can I expect as one of your clients?  

Getting an idea of what the client-florist relationship will look like over the planning time and wedding day can make for clear expectations.

I love joining clients on their wedding planning journey after they’ve said “YES” to their sweet fiance! Hearing about the love story, the proposal, what you two do for fun, and how you want to celebrate with friends and family is a blast. I don’t just want to pick flowers and call it a day. I want to know about you. Hearing the stories behind your relationship is inspiring to me. It is so fun brainstorming ideas from the beginning with a couple so that we can decide on more than just a color palette, but the experience you envision for your wedding day.

These details help me to dream up an event that is truly unique to you. If you two want to throw a PARTY, then I want to help brainstorm and create a design that lends itself to that. If you want to have an effortlessly elegant and romantic experience, then let’s capitalize on the ambiance of the perfectly chosen space. Together, we can design a beautiful floral experience that ties it all together. I love to help in the wedding planning process any way I can. Looking for any insight or vendor recommendations for your dream team? Let me know!

Q: What are the services you offer?  

Does the florist actually provide the kind of service you are looking for at your wedding?

I offer various options for weddings and events, depending on your needs. They range from bridal party arrangements that are picked up, to full wedding design with delivery and installation.

I am always up for more fun floral adventures in the planning process too, such as a bouquet for bridal portraits or rehearsal dinner floral.

Classy soft palette desert wedding at Blackstone Country Club. Floral by Array Design, Phoenix, Arizona.
Classy soft palette desert wedding at Blackstone Country Club. Floral by Array Design, Phoenix, Arizona.

Q: Do you have photos or mock ups of your designs?

Seeing a florists work is important to know if they match the style you are looking for, and that their designs are as they describe.

Absolutely! On my website I have wedding images featured in my gallery, and many of my blogs feature my work as well. My Instagram page is a great place to see more of my work! My work has also been featured on wedding the sites of Junebug, Trendy Bride, Inspired by This, Aisle Society, and Magnolia Rouge.

I do offer mock ups, but they are not included in the price. Please let me know if you are interested and we can chat!

Q: Will you communicate with my venue to make sure any details impacting the design are taken care of?  

Ask this to know how much the florist will take care of related to making sure everything goes smoothly at your venue, and what you will need to follow up on.

Yes, I will request the contact information for your venue coordinator, and your full wedding coordinator, when applicable so that I can confirm the details. Together, we will confirm all of the requirements from your venue are acceptable with the design ideas we have prior to finalizing the designs. Depending on the venue, open flames may or may not be acceptable. This will impact the design and cost associated with various types of candles if they need to be enclosed.

Some venues with delicate elements, such as the Phoenix Art Museum, don’t allow any flames, which is only reasonable! However, your guests get to enjoy some of the galleries throughout an event in their space.

Classy soft palette desert wedding at Blackstone Country Club. Floral by Array Design, Phoenix, Arizona.

Q: How does setup, delivery and breakdown work?

Knowing this information will help with your wedding timeline and knowing who is responsible for what.

The majority of my projects are full wedding designs, so my team and I deliver, set up, and install all of the elements. If there are any rental elements or installation pieces, then my team and I will also breakdown those pieces of the event for you. All of the timing depends on your specific design, space, and wedding day. Generally speaking, we will need a few hours on property to set up. This is a full day commitment from my team and I. Your wedding day has taken a ton of preparation and planning from your full wedding team. We’ll need adequate time to get everything set perfectly for the bridal party, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

Q: After the wedding, do I keep the flowers?

If you have plans for the flowers after the wedding, ask this question.

All personal flowers, like bouquets and boutonnieres, are free to go, and also travel nicely. If floral arrangements are in rental vases, you can still take them with you, or I can take the full arrangements at the end of the evening and clear this piece of the event. If you would like to take the arrangements that were in rental vases after the event, just make sure to let me know prior to your wedding. There will need to be alternative vessels available from the rental ones I take back to the studio at the end of the event.

Classy soft palette desert wedding at Blackstone Country Club. Floral by Array Design, Phoenix, Arizona.
Classy soft palette desert wedding at Blackstone Country Club. Floral by Array Design, Phoenix, Arizona.

Q: What is your pricing?

It might not be the most fun question, but definitely important!

There are two main wedding services I offer, bridal party/personal flowers, and full wedding design. The bridal party floral has no minimum, and the full wedding design begins at $3,000.

Instead of a price list like a menu of products or services, the cost is custom to the event. Creating unique floral arrangements for each event lends to a unique cost. The size, amount of floral to greenery, special flower requests, and delivery or pick up options all impact the cost of a bridal bouquet, for example. For a full wedding design, the cost is impacted by more factors from how big your bridal party is to the size of the centerpiece arrangements and different vessel options. All of the details come together to impact the price and make it very unique to that specific event.

When I request to know your budget, I ask not to get down to business so soon, but to know what is realistic in our design dreaming. Before meeting with a florist, have an idea of your whole wedding budget, and what piece is dedicated to floral and design. Chatting with you and then presenting you with a quote that is so out of your budget that you are frustrated and have lost valuable wedding planning time for something that won’t work is not what I want to do!

The number at the bottom of the quote includes more than just the flowers and all the adventures they take before arriving at your wedding. I use my design experience and time preparing and researching the details for your project. From creating an accurate quote to corresponding with you and your vendors during planning, I am working for you! On the day of, my team and I are dedicated to bringing your design to life in quick wedding timelines. A small piece of the cost allows me to have a space to work in including all those little extra expenses, or business overhead, so I have somewhere to create beautiful designs for you!

Classy soft palette desert wedding at Blackstone Country Club. Floral by Array Design, Phoenix, Arizona.

Photography | Kayla Fisher – Venue | Blackstone Country Club



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