A Chic Fall Wedding at El Chorro: Elegance in Simplicity

Sep 11

Nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, El Chorro provided the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated fall wedding that exuded timeless charm. The Array Design team curated an atmosphere with flowers that harmonized with the season’s essence. The floral design, primarily composed of pristine white blooms, rustic dry flowers, and subtle hints of lavender, epitomized understated elegance. This celebration was a testament to how less can truly be more.

Bridal Bouquet

The bride’s bouquet arrangement showcased a delicate balance between white blooms and dried elements, punctuated by delicate touches of lavender. A unique twist was the tulle elegantly enveloping the bouquet stems, repurposed from the bride’s custom-made lavender dress, infusing the ensemble with sentimental significance.


The reception was an intimate affair, with a single long table adorned with delicate greens and a procession of flickering candles, creating an atmosphere of pure romance. The bride and groom, traveling all the way from Ireland, opted for an understated guest list, resulting in an intimate gathering that allowed them to bask in the warmth of their closest loved ones.

At El Chorro in Scottsdale, Arizona, Array Design orchestrated a fall wedding that redefined elegance through simplicity. The floral design’s white blooms, dry elements, and soft lavender accents blended seamlessly with the season’s charm. The repurposed tulle from the bride’s lavender dress added a personal touch that resonated with the couple’s story. The intimate reception, illuminated by dainty greens and candles, encapsulated the couple’s journey from Ireland and their choice for an exclusive gathering. This celebration proved that minimalistic beauty can create a powerful impact, and that love’s essence shines brightest in the presence of cherished few.

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Venue | El Chorro

Planning | Outstanding Occasions

Photographer | Kaylee Chelsea

Florist | Array Design

DJ | Desert House Production

Hair and Makeup | Kensington Hair and Makeup

Wedding Gown | Emma Beaumont

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