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Apr 4

Boho has taken the world by storm. This unique aesthetic is easily spotted throughout the wedding industry and is staying for the long haul. Boho is considered unconventional and is heavily influenced by creative arts. For a boho wedding, the personalities of both the bride and groom can be easily spotted.

For a “typical” boho wedding, you find a lot of natural textures. These textures can be dried naturals or lush roses. It is very common to see such a wide variation of florals to contrast each other. At a boho wedding, you may see a lot of textures from table runner to the brides’ dress. The simple details can take the boho aesthetic to the next level. 

Sedona Boho Wedding

This is every boho bride’s dream. This ceremony space had the beautiful red rocks in the back, but the real view was the arch arrangement: a mix of dried palm leaves, fresh roses, and pampas. The bride’s bouquet consisted of preserved Italian ruscus along with other dried elements. In the middle was a combo of various roses and ranunculus.  The groom had a boutonniere that matched the bridal bouquet.

Pampas Boho Wedding

This ceremony was a pampas dream! At the start of the aisle, big vases of pampas welcomed the bride. The natural wood arbor had an asymmetrical arrangement of pampas that perfectly shaped the ceremony. The bride opted for tall centerpieces accented with fresh eucalyptus and pampas for the reception.

Bright Boho

Boho does not have to be one color palette. This bride opted for vibrant pinks and fuschia accented with pampas for her elopement. The two arrangements on the arch were also used as arrangements for the table setting. The florals accented the red rocks of Sedona perfectly and created a boho feel for the couple. 

Desert Wedding

Just because it is a boho wedding, it does not mean you have to go all out with huge arrangements. This bride decided on a singular arrangement on her triangular arch. The landscaping of the desert was the showstopper. The arrangements and her bouquet have a combo of pampas, bunny tails, and muted roses. 

Boho weddings are here to stay! They are a great option for those couples that want a bit more spice on their wedding day. This is a great option to play around with different and unique ideas to make the day your own. 

The boho wedding colors fun doesn’t have to stop here!

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Written by Tori

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