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Apr 26

Lake Pleasant Arizona desert wedding with amazing views and bright floral by Array Design, Phoenix, Arizona. Photographer: Benjamin Clifford
Photographer: Benjamin Clifford Photography | Venue: Lake Pleasant

It’s the place where you will walk down the aisle to marry your best friend. It’s where you will have your first kiss as husband and wife as all your family and friends celebrate with you. Some of your favorite, and most cherished photos will be from this moment. If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about your ceremony.

When it comes to ceremony design decisions, the backdrop it’s taking place in and the feeling you want to create are important. The thing to keep in mind when deciding on a design, whether it is in front of a desert landscape, or a simple option like a wall or mild scenery, is that it’s job is to bring the celebration’s focus to the forefront where you’ll be married.

Desert Landscape Options

In Arizona, there are some amazing mountain views that speak for themselves. If you are embracing the desert aesthetic and want a more nature centric experience for your big day, consider floral that directs the focus to the space where you’ll say “I do”. Thereby honoring instead of overpowering the surroundings.

Honoring the desert landscape we are blessed with to enjoy throughout Arizona for a ceremony is not a design dilemma, but rather design opportunities! A floral arc that grows up from the ground could set the stage for such a space, letting the mountain views make their impact. In the same space low floral accents could continue along the aisle to tie the elements together. A simple garden arch that is rounded, offering a more intimate space is also a tasteful option in beautiful desert landscape settings. Greens and floral asymmetrically placed, growing up like a trellis, could accompany the design.

Blank Slate Options

Sometimes the backdrop for the ceremony is a blank slate, or maybe even a blank wall. This kind of space is an exciting opportunity for creativity! I can’t help but recall that stunning photos I have seen of ceremony arrangements created in photography studios. Those walls don’t get much blanker, and on purpose! The focus is totally on the design, and the ceiling is the limit. In these situations, the focal point is the ceremony backdrop. Consider a strong and bold arch, such as a rustic or dressed up wooden shape to make such a statement. And by dressed up, I mean flowers! Asymmetrical, symmetrical, totally covered, growing up, or growing down, let the design dreaming lead the way on your floral finishes! I can always help match a style with the right design if arrangement placement has you stumped. The space at Boojum Tree has a lovely arch shape built into the architecture. Full floral arrangements framing the front of the ceremony was a great option to draw the eye to the couple in this instance.

Arizona early fall wedding featuring peachy gold palette at Gather Estate, Mesa. Floral by Array Design, Phoenix, Arizona.
Photographer: Rich Faiva | Venue: Gather Estate
Phoenix Art Museum lawn wedding ceremony with wooden circle arch. Romantic, soft floral by Array Design, Phoenix, Arizona. Photographer: Jamie Allio
Photographer: Jamie Allio | Venue: Phoenix Art Museum

Aisle Decor

Aisle decor won’t be the focus of the ceremony, but it can add a nice touch to continue the design in welcoming guests and wishing them well on their way to the reception. You can skip it entirely, keep it simple, or go all out. Rose petals could be used just along the sides, or cover the entire aisle. Single or grouped pillar candles along the aisle can add a nice touch too. Greenery along the ground is tasteful, but only when it pops with light colored flooring. If you are putting greenery on grass, for example, guests might not even notice. You can also bring the greenery up to the guest chairs, growing up from the ground, or resting on the corner. Floral arrangements on aisle chair corners can tie a design in nicely. Back of aisle welcoming arrangements on pillars, or the ground can make a statement of design style as guests arrive.


Most likely the ceremony won’t be the largest part of where you spend the day. Depending on the design of the full wedding you may be able to use some of the ceremony elements for the reception space. Full floral centerpieces at guests reception tables could possibly be used as statement pieces at the entrance of the aisle on a pedestal, or spaced out along the aisle as aisle markers. As we chat about the full design of your big day I can offer suggestions to bring floral into the various spaces of the celebration. It is very possible they do not all have to be independent from one another. We’ll make it a cohesive experience for your guests from ceremony to reception.

Looking at the Big Picture

All design considered, the most important thing to me is hearing what you’re excited about for your wedding day! What parts of the day do you have rolling through your highlight reel before it even happens? I might be a bit of a dreamer, but I picture the parts of an event or a trip that I am planning that I’m most excited about. I want to hear those details so that I can help to make a design impact on those spaces. It’s okay to focus on certain spaces and pieces more than others. Looking at the whole picture, we can add diversity, dimension, and texture to the design you’re envisioning.

Let’s chat about how we can make your big day dreams come to life!

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