Classic Wedding Designs

Mar 14

A classic wedding theme will make for a timeless look and a romantic night that will never go out of style. The classic bride does not want to be a trendsetter, but does want to create an elegant atmosphere that caters to her own eclectic style.

What is a Classic Wedding Design?

At Array Design, we interpret classic in a different way than most. For example, a majority of “classic influenced” bouquets consist of tight, round-shaped bouquets with long stem roses wrapped perfectly in silk ribbon just around the stems. Array Design creates classic bridal bouquets that have a more organic shape but still offers the floral forward timeless look.

Array Design specializes in all bouquet arrangements, but our classic bouquets consist of muted colors (e.g., peaches, pinks, and golds). However, if you are a bride that prefers the bright white florals along with greenery, this is also an exceptionally classic choice. When selecting a classic arrangement one should know that exotic flowers are not used, and it is typical to spot roses. These nostalgic bouquets will have stunning variety and depth. At Array Design we will ensure you have a timeless floral look, that will be captured in photos that will last a lifetime.

Classic Wedding Details

When planning a classic wedding, the bride is trying to achieve simplicity with elegance. You may see a wedding dress that’s not loud, but still breathtaking, or a uniform wedding cake with a floral accent.

Ethereal Farm Design

This very elegant wedding consisted of light pink and gold with white dispersed throughout her organic-shaped bouquet. She opted for white chiffon ribbon which hung well below the bouquet to give height. The bride wore a headband with dried Italian ruscus with hints of baby breath to add another element of class. The ceremonial archway had a natural asymmetrical arrangement that highlighted the couple and the bridal bouquet.

Blush and White Classic Wedding

These bridal and bridesmaid bouquets had light pinks and white florals with variants of eucalyptus. The floral in the bouquet created a round shape while the eucalyptus added dimension. The archway had two asymmetrical arrangements both similar in size. This arrangement is very classic with the white floral throughout the greenery.

Classic will never go out of style and is a very popular aesthetic. The royal family always opts for elegance and class in their weddings. You may not be a royal, but you have the opportunity to create something timeless with the opportunity to add elements to make your wedding unique to you and your partner.

Elegant DC Ranch Wedding

Southern California Mountain Wedding

The classic wedding inspiration fun doesn’t have to stop here!

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