Create Your Own Fun Summer Arrangement

Jun 17

Colorful flowers in a summer-style arrangement in a white vase.

Tools for making your arrangement:
Chicken wire for in the vase

Flower class floral varieties listed here & pictured below:
⁃ shimmer
⁃ Phoenix
⁃ Quicksand
Purple allium
Purple mini mum disbud
White tulip
White campanula

I source our flowers from my wholesaler who brings in flowers from all over the world. This week the tulips came from Holland, roses from Colombia, and mums from Florida. The flowers arrive in boxes from their long, refrigerated journey which need to be opened, stems cut, put into water, and put in the cooler to help them stay fresh and open. Processing the flowers feels like a workout for our team moving the heavy boxes and chopping all of the strong stems.

The varieties we have for our arrangement today are pictured below in the bunch quantities they arrive in and fresh out of the box. I chose these rose varieties for how lovely they are once they open. They’ll look much different in your arrangement in a few days then they do in these bunches. You can spin the stem of a rose to help the petals spread open and look their best. Beware a few petals could fly in the process.

You can reflex back the petals of a tulip to make them look full and open.

To begin the arrangement you’ll need to add water to your vase that has chicken wire in it as a mechanic to help the stems stay in place as you’re designing.

There are no set rules for your design but, generally speaking, I would add the flowers to your arrangement in the order they are presented here. First roses lower in as well as sticking out, then mums and hearty elements, then your delicate items reaching higher.

The Array Design style is definitely more wild and free with whimsical blooms reaching out but there is no wrong way to design your arrangement so if you like the tight and classic design you can keep all of the flowers about the same length for a round shape.

Just as a suggestion, here is a step by step list for you to follow with the flowers provided:

  1. If you’d like, you can spin each rose before you put it in your arrangement.
  2. Cut Phoenix rose short to sit on the edge of the vase
  3. Spin the vase around to the “back” and cut another Phoenix rose short to sit on the edge of the vase covering the lip.
  4. Cut a Quicksand rose a little bit longer than the first rose and put it next to the Phoenix rose
  5. Spin the vase around and put next Quicksand rose a little longer than Phoenix rose
  6. Pull 2 Shimmer roses and add them near your other 2 roses either just barely longer or more significantly longer.
  7. Pull 2 Linette mums, put 1 on either side of your arrangement and make then taller than your roses
  8. You have your peachy sections created.
  9. If you don’t love the purple allium you can put then deep in the center of your arrangement. If you do love them you can make them reaching opposite of your peachy section.
  10. Add your purple mums near your allium to help blend the colors. I would suggest the quicksand rose as the rose closest to the purple flowers.
  11. Option to add spiral eucalyptus here if you’e like. It does smell great.
  12. Add reaching campanula off to one side. I wouldn’t put straight up in the center but other than that, go for it. You an even cut it in half to have “more” stems.
  13. Tulips reaching up near each other either reaching out of the peachy section or out of the purple section.
  14. You can reflex your tulips if you’d like!
  15. All done!

Once you’re created your design share your arrangement and tag @ArrayDesignAZ so I can see them!

Key tip: keep adding water to your flowers EVERY DAY!

They drink a lot of water and you’ll keep them alive longer with fresh water daily. You can stick your finger just inside the lip of the vase and fill up until the water reaches your finger.

Great news, now you have the base of what you need to create your arrangement next time! You can clear out the dead flowers once they’re all done but keep the chicken wire in the vase for your next arrangement. Just head to Trader Joe’s and pick a few bunches to created your next arrangement! Fun fact, all the flowers in the first arrangement at the top of the page are from Trader Joe’s so you can definitely create a fun arrangement to celebrate summer with a few bunches from there.

If you’ve wanted to help with flowers we’re looking for fall floral assistants for our wedding and corporate events. You can let me know here.

Ready to connect about adding wedding flowers to your special day coming up?

Array Design contact us link button.

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