Desert Arizona Vow Renewal

Dec 14

When Jenna reached out about her anniversary desert Arizona vow renewal I was beyond excited! I am such a fan of celebrating the strength of marriage that has grown and deepened over the years. Anniversary celebrations should be a BIG deal. I am always a fan of helping couples celebrate and create a lifelong memory to cherish together.

A bit about this sweet couple, Jenna is such a passionate photographer I’ve had the absolute joy of working with. You can see some of her amazing work for one of our sweet couples here.

I was so flattered when she reached out to me to create a special floral arrangement for her and her husband to celebrate their anniversary. It was such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love, and the strength of marriage as it grows in years. Allison Slater had a beautiful reflection on their day.

Bouquet Design

Jenna held a romantic bouquet of earthy colors to honor the desert scenes, including toffee rose, light and deep peaches, taupe accents, rich red rust, and pops of mustard accents to round off the modern design. The key element was a mini cacti and the lovely toffee rose. Thick hand ripped ribbon of rust and gold hung from the stems.

Her perfect rancher hat had simple desert inspired peach and toffee floral spray accent with dried elements, including a scabiosa pods.

Celebrating Anniversaries

A sweet reflection on this intimate desert Arizona vow renewal by their photographer Allison Slater:

“Whether you’ve been married for 3 years or 30 years, your wedding anniversary always deserves to be celebrated. You don’t need to wait until you’ve hit a milestone year in your marriage in order to have a reason to put on a gorgeous white dress, write handwritten love letters to each other and adventure out into the desert. 

Take Jenna and Jake for example – they just celebrated their 6 years of marriage by putting on some stylin’ outfits, grabbing a gorgeous bouquet, writing new vows to one another and watching the sun set behind the mountains. It was such a special way for them to create some new memories together and reminisce on old ones. 

Don’t wait until year 10 of your marriage to have incredible memory-filled photos with your babe or to commit new vows to one another. YOU decide when the perfect timing is, not the amount of time that’s passed since your wedding day. Chart your own path and create some amazing anniversary-day memories in the here and now – don’t just make plans to do that in the future.”
– Allison Slater (IG post on August 27, 2020)

Photographer | Allison Slater

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