HOW TO: Bridal Bouquet Preservation

May 3

Husband and wife embracing, looking off while standing in desert. Woman holding lush bridal bouquet.

“All good things must come to an end”. While this may be true on your wedding day, this is false when it comes to your bouquet. A large majority of brides are giving the most important accessory of their wedding day a second life, and they have multiple options for a successful bridal bouquet preservation.

Woman holding bouquet and man's hand in tan suite standing in desert.

First Things First!

First off, to ensure your bouquet is adequate for preserving, we recommend designating a bridesmaid or mom to safely store your bridal bouquet before taking off on a stellar honeymoon. 

Dry It Whole

A very typical option of preserving your wedding bouquet is to dry it as a whole. This is the most friendly DIY option as you simply hang the bouquet as a whole upside down until completely dry. Once dry, you can place it in a vase to admire for years to come. Allison, founder of Array Design, did this exact method for her own bouquet. It lasted her about 5 years until she made a big move in which she couldn’t protect it. 

Have it Drawn

One option that is very unique is to have an artist draw your bouquet. This allows you to support a local artist and own a keepsake that is one of a kind. Free Hands is a stellar artist who creates spot-on replicas, or “flor-traits”.

Free Hands flortrait painting of bridal bouquet Instagram post.

Shadow Box

Have a personalized shadow box created in a variety of styles and sizes. You also have the choice to place the bouquet as a whole in the box or to have the individual flowers displayed. The shadow box can include more than florals. Others have incorporated their invitations, ribbons, and photos from the day. Floral Keepsakes is a great business who customizes shadow boxes that remind the couple of their day. 

Floral Keepsakes bouquet preserved in frame Instagram post.


Today’s big craze is all about resin. The current brides have loved incorporating their bouquet in a useful way. You have the option of making it something useful such as a ring dish, coasters, or tray. This is also a great option for a bride who loves a good DIY. You can purchase various resin kits online to create your own wedding memorabilia.

Second Life for Succulents

Implant any possible succulents used in the bridal bouquet to a pot or in a garden. Because succulents are part of the cacti family, they are hard to kill! So if you don’t have the greenest thumb, this is still a great option. 

Your wedding day may seem like a whirlwind of excitement! Besides your photos, preserving your bouquet is a great way to remember your special day.

Woman in pink flowing dress holding bouquet of pink roses and peach ranunculus.
Sun rays shining between wife and husband standing next to each other, looking at each other. She is holding a flower bouquet.
Back profile of wife and husband kissing while standing in desert and she is holding flower bouquet over her shoulder..
Husband and wife holding hands walking down two lane highway in middle of desert.

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Photographer | Vienna Glenn

Florist | Array Design

Blog written by Tori of the Array Design team.

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