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Aug 30

Kenzie Hart, owner of Hart Films provides beautiful videographer and photographer services.

You may have heard me say it before, when it comes to hiring your wedding photographer I highly recommend you enjoy being around that person. You are going to be spending a lot of time with them come wedding day. Special moments will be shared between you two in front of them and maybe a few tears will be shed. So you want to make sure you are comfortable being yourself in front of your photographer, or your pictures will suffer for it. I would suggest adding another person into that category too, your videographer!

Wedding Videographer and Photographer

I am so excited to share a gem of a gal with you today, Kenzie Hart. This chips and salsa loving Arizona native is the owner and operator of Hart Films. She serves couples by meeting either their wedding day photography or videography needs. Not only is she the sweetest, but the way she honors the importance of a “good fit” is so evident in the amazing work she delivers. Forcing a vendor/couple relationship is not her thing. If you like her work, then the next step is to make sure you like each other! Kenzie knows the best work she does for couples is when they feel most comfortable with her.

Kenzie’s Start

Kenzie got her start in photography. She was approached about also taking on a videographer role for a project and she took the opportunity to try out something new. That started her videography adventure in 2013. Kenzie loves both photography and videography. I have had the joy of working with Kenzie in her role as videographer as a fellow wedding vendor team member. I wanted to know more about her passion for moving picture!

After her start, Kenzie kept pursuing video because of the different emotions that are able to come through on film versus in photos. One is not superior to the other, just different. Video is able to capture every emotion and reaction, instead of just a moment. It is so genuine. You can fake some things in a photo, but you can’t fake it in a video. Kenzie says she will witness the most beautiful vows exchanged or speeches shared, and is so thankful to be there capturing it on video for the couple to relive. Other times, there are weddings with amazing aesthetics and she is thrilled for the opportunity to capture the couple amid these details in photography.

Capturing Wedding Days

Whether the camera she is behind is rolling or snapping, Kenzie says she loves wedding days regardless. She enjoys what she is able to experience alongside couples on their big day. Soaking up the celebration with all of their family and friends present is a blast. She says it is the only day where you can kiss your Grandma and then go dance the night away with your best gal friends in the same space!

When the time for editing comes, she lets the couple’s vibe or style lead the design. I was giggling over her examples. A huge party over 300 people in attendance in the desert, including lots of dancing, was edited with a party vibe. It was a blast to experience also! A devout Christian wedding with the whole family present brought about a romantic, loving video edit. Cue the tears!

What’s Next for Kenzie

What’s next for Kenzie? She is looking forward to wedding season in AZ! Kenzie usually travels more, but many of her couples this year are located in the valley. She is excited to visit new venues, and work alongside old vendor friends and new faces in making wedding days come to life for couples. The vendors hired for a wedding really are a team for the day, and Kenzie loves the community that comes along with it. She said she has also taken on some creative director freelance rolls and brand video work in the past that may lead to future professional interests for her. What can I say, Kenzie is just a creative gal!

Hart Films Videography Services

When it comes to booking her services, Kenzie says a year to nine months out is a great time. She also loves the spontaneous weddings that lead to bookings three months out. When it comes to time frames to expect a wedding video back from Kenzie, she says to expect eight to ten weeks for the highlight film and raw video. The shortest video she offers is about three minutes, and the longest is eight. Longer videos offer time to include those special toasts from your loved ones and audio clips you’ll remember forever. Her prices generally begin around $2,800. Wedding day coverage options include seven, eight, and nine hour choices.

If you are interested in knowing more about Kenzie’s photography or videography her website and Instagram are great places to find out more! You will be so glad you crossed paths with this lady!

Ali & Ryan | Chandler, AZ from HART FILMS on Vimeo.

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