Romantic White Floral Royal Palms Wedding

Jul 24

Imagine a picturesque fall day in Phoenix, Arizona, where the warm sun casts a golden glow on the serene landscape. Against this beautiful backdrop, a romantic white floral wedding of dreams unfolded at the enchanting Royal Palms. The ceremony near the magnificent fountain became a breathtaking display of natural beauty and elegance.

Ceremony Floral Design

As the wedding guests gathered for the ceremony, they were met with a delightful surprise: bridesmaid dresses adorned in mixed florals. The clever choice of a neutral color palette ensured that the floral designs seamlessly blended, creating an atmosphere of pure harmony. Upon entering the ceremonial space, the attendees were greeted by a low floral arch that gracefully covered the ground, accentuated by two magnificent white “growing” flower towers.

Transitioning effortlessly, the Array Design team orchestrated a seamless transformation of the lawn for the reception. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the festivities began with a magical ambiance that felt straight out of a fairy tale.


The reception unfolded on the exquisitely transformed lawn, where a spread of bud vases and candles adorned the tables. This design created an elegant and romantic table scape that enchanted guests throughout the evening. Each round table featured stunning floral centerpieces.

As the night progressed, the celebration moved to the ballroom, where an ethereal experience awaited. String lights gracefully adorned the ceiling, creating a mesmerizing canopy above the dance floor. The retro feel added an element of nostalgia, taking guests on a journey through time as they danced the night away.

After Party

The celebration extended beyond the wedding day to the rehearsal dinner. The floral wonders that adorned the ceremonial space were thoughtfully repurposed for the after party, enhancing the joyful atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

A wedding in the fall at Royal Palms in Phoenix, Arizona, became an unforgettable affair. From the stunning floral designs at the ceremony to the romantic reception on the lawn, every moment was graced with natural beauty and impeccable attention to detail. The magic of the evening continued on the dance floor in the ballroom, where the string lights brought an enchanting touch of nostalgia. Without a doubt, this wedding will be cherished in the hearts of all who attended, a true testament to the splendor that unfolds when creativity and nature intertwine.

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Planner | Hudson Grey

Venue | Royal Palms

Photographer | Matt Lien

Florist | Array Design

Rentals | The Valley Events

Hair and MU | HVH Faces

Bridal Gown | Loho Bride

Signage | Arch and Arrow

Linens | BBJ La Tavola

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