Where in the World Were Your Wedding Flowers Grown?

Jan 12

Whether you are eloping or staying in your own backyard, a key piece of your wedding has most likely been imported from some place far away, your wedding flowers. Florals are grown throughout the world to ensure that quality and quantity are met for wedding standards worldwide. 

Depending on the growing seasons, the wedding date plays a major factor in what florals/greenery can be used. Some countries such as Ecuador, are known for growing a specific flower, while Japan is known for numerous varieties. A lot goes into mass producing flowers such as temperature, rain season, earth, predators, and even the method of harvesting. 

An International Bouquet!

Where the flowers in this bouquet are from:

Sweet peas  – Japan 

White Peony – Chile 

Amnesia Rose – Ecuador 

Brown Lisianthus –  Holland

White majolica spray rose –  Ecuador

Dark purple ranunculus – Chile

Purple Scabiosa flowers – Dutch

Tulips – Dutch

Snowberry – Holland

Scabiosa Pods – Ecuador

Silver Brunia – South Africa


Japanese Cherry blossoms are known worldwide. But Japan grows numerous varieties of flowers. Japan is unlike any other country; they are able to mass produce florals year round. There is always a flower in season! In winter months, Mountain Peonies and Japanese Narcissus grow. Spring flowers include: Plum Flowers, Cherry Flowers, and Japanese Wisteria. Summer florals consist of iconic flowers such as: Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, and Lavender. Lastly, in Fall you can witness red Spider Lilies in full bloom.  


Most people know that Holland is known for Tulips. From mid April to early May, Tulips are in full bloom in rows of vibrant colors. Besides Tulips, Holland also produces Hyacinth in the town of Bollenstreek.   Rows of Hyacinth will bloom in the month of April, not only is the color breathtaking, but the town is filled with its beautiful fragrance. 


Ecuador produces the majority of roses worldwide. The roses are grown at high altitudes, close to the equator. Typically higher elevation means the flowers take longer to produce, but longer growth time allows the roses to grow stronger and petal size can double. Not only are their roses larger, but Ecuadorian roses last around 2 weeks than roses from other countries. 

United States:

To many people’s surprise a lot of florals are grown here in the states because of the various climates. A large percentage of U.S. flowers grow on the west coast in states such as: Washington and California. Not only do the florals grow in the states, but a lot of greenery does as well. Eucalyptus trees grow throughout the southwest. They are sturdy enough to withstand both the heat and frost. The only thing they require is full sun exposure making them a great choice in sunny Arizona. 

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Photographer | Duke Moose

Venue | L’Auberge de Sedona 

Planning | The Ivy Social

Written by Tori

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