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May 3

Jenn Guese, owner and calligrapher of Details of JG. Photograph by Jennifer Hill
Photographer: Jennifer Hill

Isn’t it the little things in life that make it just sweeter? It’s in the details that make you linger a little longer on beautiful things. Maybe it’s a lovely new Anthropology dress on the rack, or the pause to notice the sun setting behind the mountains as you rush through another busy day. 

I’m so excited to share with you some of my favorite details today, the calligraphy of Details by JG! Jenn Guese is the sweetest, along with owner and master calligrapher behind the details.

Beautiful and romantic custom hand calligraphy creations by Details by JG. Photography by Ryann Lindsey.

Why Calligraphy?

Why might you be interested in calligraphy? Your wedding day is all about celebrating your love and beginning life as husband and wife. Appreciating the people that supported you getting to this point is a big part of the celebration too. Custom calligraphy can be a sweet emphasis on how you’ve thought about each of them, and Jen makes those details just beautiful! Jenn wants to make your big day special by creating custom, romantic pieces of art that just happen to be personalized calligraphy. From escort cards to larger scale signs, she’s your girl!

Jenn’s Journey to Calligraphy

It was so fun listening to Jenn’s story because of the similarities I heard to my own. We both studied business, but have an inclination towards a creative outlet as well. Neither of us thought we’d be creating in these ways, but we just love what we’ve found! We both agreed how thankful we are for clients that let us share our creativity with them!

Jenn followed her love to Phoenix from Vancouver, and then followed her creativity into calligraphy after their wedding. Jenn always loved handwriting lists rather than having them typed out. She appreciated the way it looked. When she started planning her own wedding, Jenn researched calligraphy styles and how to create them on her own. She was happy to discover she enjoyed the process. Jenn’s wedding photographer, Ashley Rae, inquired who created the signs at her wedding, and Jenn was excited to say she did! Ashley ended up being her first client for her own wedding!

Beautiful and romantic custom hand calligraphy creations by Details by JG. Photography by Ryann Lindsey.
Beautiful and romantic custom hand calligraphy creations by Details by JG. Photography by Ryann Lindsey.

Wedding Calligraphy

Jenn creates beautiful and romantic hand creations for all of her custom pieces. She puts her heart into each piece, which is totally evident! It’s fun for her and she’s enjoyed the process.

If you are interested in Jenn creating custom pieces for your wedding, she asks that a couple reach out at least three months before their wedding. Some seasons are busier than others, so getting on her schedule early ensures she can make your custom calligraphy dreams come true! She takes care to select custom paper for your designs, and needs enough time to secure the products used to make designs.

An important note to keep in mind is how many wedding details are based on your RSVP count, including calligraphy and table counts.  Making the RSVP due date at least a month before the wedding helps with the planning that gets a little more detail oriented at the end. Jenn requests name lists a month before the wedding day to give her enough time to create your custom designs.

Handwriting has never been my strong suit, which makes me so so thankful for the beautiful custom work Jenn creates! Not only is it appealing to the eye, but it touches the heart with the sentiment in each letter. It’s always fun to see your name, just think of the miniature license plates on the back of your bike as a kid, or hanging on a key chain. When you get to see names or words looking as good as Jenn makes them look, that’s a detail I don’t want to miss!

Calligraphy: Details by JG | Photographer: Ryann Lindsey

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