Thankful for Array Design and You!: Reflecting Back on 2020 and Counting My Blessings

Dec 21

It’s Christmas week 2020, meaning it’s my birthday week too! Woo woo!

This year has stretched and challenged all of us in unique ways. I think we can all recognize that the people who were there for us to encourage, offer a helping hand, and pick up the slack made ALL the difference.

Entering this week I am feeling endlessly grateful for all of you.

I am grateful for… 

✨the absolute kindest couples and families the Array Design team was able to work with in 2020.

✨my team who helped bring all of my actual flower dreams to life. Justin and our weim, Brookie, included-although she does like to sample the flower water!

✨wonderful vendors that I am delighted to call friends 

✨a few days at the end of this week to rest, reflect, and acknowledge how amazing it is to have so much support for Array Design.

Needless to say, I am beginning my birthday week with a thankful heart. My business and I have much more than we deserve, and that doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for supporting us!

Our 2020 Story

I started 2020 working a corporate job with my sites on taking Array Design full time. My family, friends, fellow small business owners I’ve grown with, and my clients were all encouraging me to jump all in. By the last week of February, I had put in my two weeks. I was planning my “corporate retirement party”. Yes, I was CELEBRATING this big jump.

I was prepped for what should have been my busiest month of business yet. There were flowers in the cooler, arrangements were made, a month of flower orders were in with my wholesaler and my schedule with my team was set. We were READY. Then, everything came to a halt. We switched from brining BIG days to life to coming alongside brides navigating how to still move forward marrying their BEST FRIEND. It was an absolute honor to support the love of my couples by creating intimate celebration arrangements. We converted a lot of big wedding plans into small backyard wedding plans immediately. Many chose a big celebration to follow on their one year anniversary. I had amazing clients who had grace and appreciation for my efforts to help make their new, but special day, come to life.

My team and I continued to navigate all of the dynamic changes as venues and vendors worked out what was possible for all of our couples in 2020.

Enhancing Our Online Experience

The spring wasn’t as busy as we had anticipated, and the Arizona summer is always a pause for celebrations. So we poured our hours into all things tech (while day dreaming of playing with flowers, of course). We were able to reimagine the Array Design website! We still met wonderful new clients by utilizing online meeting options. Katelynn, our operations gal who tackles all things SEO, Pinterest, finance, and client management, brought the blog to the next level. We got the official online shop off the ground too. It is beyond what I could have imagined at the beginning of 2020. (I’m STILL so pumped you can now search our blog to find the best inspiration for you!)

Array Design website homepage screenshot.

Grateful For Our Intern!

We had our first intern, Hadley, join us for the fall season as we ramped up for celebrations. As a small business owner herself, she brought perspective on social media, design projects, and a lot of hard work. We built stronger relationships with calligraphers and invitation suite designers as she continues to grow her business of custom invitation suite design.

Girl sitting in flower studio, next to vases of flowers.
Photographer | Kinsley Nicole

Grateful for Our Team

I was blessed to work alongside such talented gals, and my all time favorite delivery driver/husband, in the studio as we processed flowers, prepped supplies for designs, created designs, delivered, and installed events. Having a team of creative people join in bringing Array Design events to life with flowers has been a huge blessing to me in 2020. I am beyond thankful to continue to have support as we enter the 2021 season!

Thanks for supporting this little fam of mine.

Brookie Bloopers

Ready to connect about adding flowers to your special day coming up in 2021?

Array Design contact us link button.

Photographer | Alexandra Loraine

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