Make Your Pinterest Wedding Board a Reality!: How to Turn Your Pinterest Board into Your Real Wedding Design Board

May 2

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Pinterest can be a girl’s best friend and a soon-to-be bride’s worst enemy. Turning to Pinterest once engaged seems like the universal first step when planning a wedding. This is a great option to explore different themes, color palettes, and unique ideas. On the other hand, it can easily overwhelm and can lead to never-ending rabbit holes of pins.

Where to Start on Your Pinterest Wedding Board

In order to ensure you use Pinterest to the best of your ability without the stress, adhere to the following suggestions:  

Start Over

Odds are you have been pinning wedding ideas since the thought of marriage popped into your head. Once engaged, create an entirely new board to post your favorite pins. 

Find a Theme

If you find your theme prior to exploring Pinterest you will be able to easily eliminate pins of other aesthetics and have detailed searches.  

Be Picky

Just because you love a pin doesn’t mean you have to save it. Realistically pin things that you know are doable and you would want for your big day.

Understand That Pinterest Has Expensive Ideas

You may find a pin you want to recreate. Try to think outside of the box on how to bring those ideas to life to stay within your budget. 

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Planning any wedding will cause stress. Applying these five steps will help you conquer Pinterest, creating the perfect Pinterest wedding board for you, and allow more time for you and your fiance. Remember to cherish the time you have before the big day!

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Photographer | Brooke Magee

Florist | Array Design

Venue | Amara Resort, Sedona

Written by Tori

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