Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Sep 20

I am always a fan of talking flowers! But this life has taken me on quite the adventure in addition to the blooms to get me where I am today. Since I love getting to know a little more about the awesome people I cross paths with over flowers, I’m sharing a little so you can get to know me! Ten things you didn’t know about me to be exact. Sharing stories over a cup of something hot or iced is my preference. But since we can’t be face to face, that’s no reason not to still enjoy a cup of something yummy right now. So grab your drink of choice, and here we go!

I love getting to know more about the awesome people I meet over flowers. So, I'm sharing ten things you didn't know about me, beyond the blooms!

1) I double majored in Dance and Supply Chain Management.

I thought I wanted to be a high school dance teacher, but my heart wasn’t all in after a semester in a public school setting. After that, I added the business major and was recruited into purchasing for an aerospace company right out of college. It was an amazing job. I’m so thankful for the people and experiences I had, including number 7 on my list!

2) I learned to ride a unicycle one summer in high school.

It’s just like riding a bike, right? Can I still… I think so! I at least own one still. Learning new things and challenging myself through hobbies as well as work has always been important to me. Each summer I tried to learn something new so when a few of my high school pole vaulting friends told me about these extreme unicycling competitions I said I could learn. I do have a few scars to show for my ridiculousness, but I got the hang of it. By the end I could ride a mile on my unicycle.

3) I do an aerial at every major landmark I visit across the world.

I took gymnastics at various times growing up but was never especially great at it. You just needed to have a few gymnastics skills to be competitive in the dance world I was all about. I was pretty excited when I learned how to do an ariel. It made for a great photo op wherever I ventured to.

4) I LOVE to travel.

I have a goal to visit all 50 states, anybody getting married in Michigan or Maine and need a florist? No joke, let’s make it happen! I’ve been to 30 states so far and am itching to cross some new states off the list. Justin and I have been able to travel outside of the continental United States every year and it’s a little goal of mine so see something new every year. No doubt this has become a WHOLE lot easier now that Southwest Airlines expanded their destinations because they are our JAM.

5) Breakfast is my favorite meal.

I noted a few of my favorites here, but I love the ease of walking the dog to breakfast at Snooze when I have a Saturday off. What’s your favorite breakfast spot? I’d love to try new places!

6) Brookie the Weim is my first dog.

We jumped in the deep end of energetic dogs. She is full of energy and personality, which I love. Sometimes, of course, she is a challenge, but she brings more joy than I could have asked for.

7) My favorite travel shoe is my Birkenstocks.

I bought my first pair in Berlin and never looked back. I had been curious about Birkenstocks and when in Berlin, you try Birks, right? My first job out of college had me working in Hamburg, Germany for a few weeks. I was able to take two days off to venture to Berlin and experience the recent history. It was amazing to take it all in.

8) I was in The Nutcracker for 13 years from being one of the children in the Children’s March to the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Dance was my life growing up. I lived at the studio all winter practicing for The Nutcracker and then in the spring I was practicing for competition season which rolled into recital in the summer. It shaped who I am, and needing to have a creative outlet which flows into loving creating with flowers. No, I couldn’t have guessed where I would be as an event florist. But, I think all of the build up and practice required for a performance is similar to all of the prep and work required to create an event. All in one day everything you’ve worked for comes to a culminating event. You are able to see it all come together and then the next day, you start planning and creating for the next event. To be a florist is to be an adrenaline junkie, per one of my favorite florists, Randi.

9) I arranged flowers for the first time with my bridesmaids for my wedding and never looked back.

It was an undertaking but so glad I was able to begin my adventure with flowers with my sweet gals.

10) I taught my husband to use most of the power tools we own.

It’s just a funny thing for us. I would much rather build something new than Justin. I convince him to tackle most of the things we have built together. It is often a challenge, but we feel so accomplished in the end. We built a pergola in the backyard, our dining room table, and some cabinet boxes for the laundry room. Are they always perfect, no, but we learn new things together which is my favorite part.

Now it’s your turn! What’s something I don’t know about you?

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