What’s in My Bag

Oct 25

Phoenix florist, Allison of Array Design is revealing what's in her bag. Her go-to products that make life a little sweeter, and maybe even a bit easier!

Looking into someone’s purse, with permission of course, is a fun glimpse into who they are, or at least what they like. I’m sharing what’s in my bag, baring the contents of my favorite Madewell bag for you to get a peek into what gets me through the day!

Ditch the Stick!

It’s Arizona, it’s hot, sweat happens! Soapwalla is my favorite natural deodorant cream. It took a minute to find the natural deodorant that actually works for me, and THIS IS IT. Having it handy while on the go is always a good decision!

All the Feels Lotion

I’m not a lotion addict. But when I just need some good hand hydration, All Good’s coconut body lotion is my first pick. It smells DIVINE!

Serious Hydration

After working with flowers all day, there are times that call for extra hydration. I turn to All Good’s Goop for some real nourishment. It’s olive oil goodness never lets me down.

Oils for Life’s Adventures

So I don’t love taking medications or pain killers. I couldn’t swallow a pill until high school, and then just never liked the idea of it. A few years ago my mom started using Young Living essential oils. I was a little skeptical at first. But after seeing results from personal use, I was hooked.

I love anything lavender to begin with. Having lavender lip balm handy on wedding days where drinking water is not my first thought or priority, NOTHING makes life better in a parched state. Now I don’t want to think about tackling an install day in the sun without that lavender lip balm.

Whenever I’m dragging or feeling sickness coming on, I rub peppermint oil in my hands and and on my temples for a calming miny massage almost.

If the sick is really setting in, I will take a few drops of thieves oil. Talk about a wake up call!

I will also rub Deep Relief onto any sore muscles.

Safe Listening

I tend to be on the phone quite a bit between chatting with brides and running a small business. I learned about the Dr. Mercola headphones providing a safer option for cell phone use and have been using them since.

Little Black Book

Not along the traditional lines of what one might think of for a “little black book”. That thing is my brain when it comes to my business. Notes upon notes upon notes!

Business Cards

Because you never know when someone might be interested in some flowers!

Stop Light Beauty

I have a small stash of makeup in my bag. I don’t wear too much, but the makeup I do wear is usually applied at red lights, so being in my purse is its appropriate home. Sorry!

Florist at Heart

Flower snips. Because you never know when you’ll need them, or when a wild flower is just too pretty to pass by.

Not pictured:

Sun Glasses

Because they were probably on my head. I love my lightweight XX2i optics shades for the sunny AZ days.


If I’m not in wedding mode and actually remember to drink water, I LOVE it! Staying hydrated not only makes my body feel good, it’s just refreshing in the heat.


My go-to snack. Sometimes the only thing I eat during wedding days until the work is done. Easy to grab a handful and go!

What’s the item in your bag you can’t live without?!

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